LCWM Parents/Guardians,

As we have done throughout the pandemic, the district will continue to follow guidance from the state, but will not require anything not required by the state or other regulatory agencies. We will support and communicate the recommendations of public health agencies while allowing families and staff the personal choice on whether to follow the recommendations. Along with CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) we recommend people to get vaccinated, when eligible. For more information about vaccinations and to schedule an appointment, visit the MDH website.

Our primary focus continues to be the education of our students, while integrating health and safety responses into our existing pre-pandemic public health support. Regular cleaning and disinfection of our learning spaces and vehicles will continue. Proper hygiene practices such as frequent handwashing with soap and water, cleaning hands using hand sanitizer and disinfecting surfaces will continue to be implemented and taught at all schools. Our HVAC system will continue to operate at full capacity for more frequent air exchange in each building.

We look forward to our continued partnership this school year and remain committed to the safety and success of each child. If you have any questions as you prepare for the start of the school year, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s school.

Below are our initial plans for the start of the school year.  Changes would be made if we are required by the state or federal government to do something different.

  • Masking is recommended and encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) regardless of vaccination status. 

  • LCWM is not requiring masking for students and staff. Please talk to your student about respecting others' choices in regards to masking. Anyone can wear a mask at school for their own protection, we will not separate based on who does or doesn't wear a mask.

  • Masking is still required on all school buses. This is a federal requirement; school buses are considered public transportation. If this law changes, you will be notified. 

  • Vaccination is recommended and encouraged for all those 12 and over by the CDC and MDH and are available at your healthcare provider, local pharmacies and Blue Earth County Public Health. However vaccinations are not a requirement to attend school.  

  • Each building will work to maximize distances in classrooms and common areas to allow for more spacing between students.

  • If someone tests positive for COVID, they need to stay home in isolation for 10 days.

  • If your student is a close contact of a household member who is positive for COVID 19, per the MDH Decision Tree, you must quarantine your student for 14 days as long as they are able to isolate away from positive household member - household contacts are very likely to develop COVID 19.  This will be evaluated on an individual basis as there are variables to this. 

  • If someone is considered a non household close contact at school, we will inform the parents and ask them to monitor their student for up to fourteen days, we will not require them to miss school. If a student develops symptoms at school or at home, we require a negative test or alternate diagnosis to return to school. There are many seasonal allergies and other medical issues that resemble the symptoms of COVID.  

  • Each school site will continue with the daily disinfecting as we did last year. 

  • Hand sanitizer will remain available at the main entrances, in classrooms and throughout each building. 

  • If we experience an outbreak we will move to advanced mitigation strategies.

  • We will not be offering a distance learning option for students. We know the best educational value and outcomes are when students are in school and working with their teachers in person.

  • LCWM will continue to report positive cases to MDH as we have done in the past with COVID and other illnesses. 

We will keep you posted if situations change.  Our goal is to give students the best education possible, which means to have students in our buildings, safely, with in person learning.  


Mark Westerburg

LCWM Superintendent