South Central Youth Basketball League

Girls & Boys, 4th -6th Grade

4-6th graders at LCWM participate in the South Central Youth Basketball League. Players gain experience on the court and learn to play competitive ball, while building confidence and learning how to be a team player.

Games on 5 Saturdays, beginning in December.

Practices will be twice a week beginning the week of November 13. Times will be based on volunteer coach and facility availability. Practices are usually held at LCWM Elementary School.

Date:  December 9

Host: LCWM (LCWM, MCW, GHEC, Alden-Conger)

Host: Cleveland (Cleveland, Blue Earth, Loyola, Nicollet, St. Clair)

Host: St. James (St. James, JCC, Fairmont, Madelia)

Date: December 16

Host: St. Clair (St. Clair, Alden-Conger, St. James, Cleveland, Nicollet) UPDATED 11/20

Host: Fairmont (Fairmont, JCC, MCW, Loyola) UPDATED 11/27

Host: Madelia (Madelia, Blue Earth, GHEC, LCWM, Cleveland 4th Grade Girls)

Date: January 6

Host: Alden-Conger (Alden- Conger, Blue earth, Fairmont, Mankato Loyola)

Host:  Cleveland (Cleveland, LCWM, St. Clair, Madelia, Nicollet) UPDATED 1/2

Host: MCW (MCW, JCC, St. James, GHEC, JCC) UPDATED 1/3!

Dates: January 13

Host: LCWM (LCWM, JCC, Fairmont, Cleveland) UPDATED 1/2

Host: Blue Earth (Blue Earth, St. James, MCW, Loyola, Madelia) UPDATED 1/8!

Host: GHEC (GHEC, Alden-Conger, Nicollet, St. Clair)

Dates: January 20

Host: JCC (JCC, Blue Earth, Madelia, Alden-Conger, GHEC 6th Grade Girls) UPDATED 1/8!

Host: Loyola (Mankato Loyola, LCWM, GHEC, St. James)

Host: Nicollet (Nicollet, MCW, Fairmont, St. Clair, Cleveland, 6th Grade LCWM Girls)