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Superintendent Search Information

LCWM  Superintendent Search

Finalist Candidate Press Release

9:00pm, January 21, 2021


At the conclusion of interviews with six candidates for the LCWM Superintendent position on Thursday, January 21, 2021, the LCWM School Board took action to name four finalists for the LCWM Superintendent position. The four finalists are:

  1. Mary Morem
  2. Erik Person
  3. Allison Schmidt
  4. Mark Westerberg

The School Board will conduct a final interview with each candidate in the Media Center at the High School Media Center on next Monday and Tuesday evenings. The interviews are open to the public via Zoom meeting.

It is planned that the School Board will discuss the finalist candidates at a Special Board meeting at approximately 7:30pm in the Board Room on Tuesday, January 26, 2021. At that time, the Board may take action to enter into contract negotiations with one of the candidates to become the District’s next Superintendent as of July 1, 2021.

Questions regarding the search process should be directed to:

Ed Waltman, South Central Service Cooperative Search Consultant, at 507-327-2535 or





2020-21 Superintendent Search Timeline and Process


One of the most important decisions that a school board makes is to hire a new superintendent. As a long time member of the South Central Service Cooperative, Lake Crystal/Wellcome Memorial School Board has decided to use the Cooperative’s Superintendent Search Program to help facilitate the search for a new superintendent. The timeline for the superintendent search is as follows:


Timeline Activity

November 16 thru December 2020 Board planning, engaging the community/staff/students through an     on-line survey and zoom meetings, creating a profile of attributes for the new superintendent.


November 18 to January 11, 2021 Advertise, recruit, and accept applications.


January 11 to January 21, 2021 Screen candidates and complete the first round of interviews.


January 26 to January 28, 2021 Conduct final interviews, possible site visits, Board offer.


 February 16, 2021 Action on new superintendent contract.


A very important component of the search process is to seek staff, student, parent, and community input into the creation of a profile of attributes that a new superintendent should possess to be successful in the Lake Crystal/Wellcome Memorial School District. 


Your engagement in the search process will be greatly appreciated by the Lake Crystal/Wellcome Memorial School Board. If you have any questions about the search timeline or process please contact Ed Waltman, South Central Service Cooperative, at or visit with a member of the Lake Crystal/Wellcome Memorial School Board.