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FFA Jacket Scholarships

The Blue Jacket is an iconic symbol that has represented FFA members since the 1930’s. Though the jacket has changed slightly over the years, the pride many FFA members feel in owning their very own FFA jacket has not decreased. It represents their love and passion for agriculture which is something that they often will pass down to the next generation, along with their jacket. 


Through the FFA organization, there is a “scholarship program” called “Blue Jackets, bright Futures” where community members and organizations can donate money to help pay for students to receive FFA jackets. Students then apply where they answer questions, asking them things like what difference has FFA made in their lives and toward their futures and why do they have a passion for Agriculture. 


The program does its best to match the donations to students in the same communities as the donors. This year, Cheyenne Walker, a Senior at Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High school was able to receive a jacket due to the support of a local community member, Kent Thiesse.