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Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant

LCWM Elementary Is a Fuel Up to Play 60 School!! 

LCWM Elementary school recently received a $4,000 grant from Fuel up to Play 60.  

Fuel Up to Play 60 is an in-school nutrition and physical activity program launched by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, in collaboration with the USDA, to help encourage today’s youth to lead healthier lives.

With this generous grant we gave our snack cart hallway a facelift.  We put up a mural at the top of the hallway to depict farm to table nutrition.  It’s important for kids to know where their food comes from and how hard people have to work to make that food.  Our blue snack cart now has the look of a barn to go along with our rural farming community. On one side is a large cow looking over our milk cooler; a nod to the National Dairy Council for supporting this grant.  In addition to the nutrition aspect of our hallway is a sign that reads, “Take care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live in”. It’s critical for our students to understand the importance of taking care of themselves; both what they put into their bodies and the activities they do that keep them healthy.

In addition to the snack cart and hallway facelift, we will be able to use part of the grant to purchase physical education equipment for students with disabilities. When integrating students with disabilities into the physical education classroom, it helps to have a variety of equipment available so the PE teacher can make accommodations and/or modifications for them to participate successfully.  

Healthy nutrition and physical activity are a way of life and kids can never start too early to learn those habits.  Engage with your child about what they are learning in class, eating at school, or playing at recess. Playing with your child is quality time they will remember as they grow up and has benefits beyond measure.  If you and your child want to check out the FUTP website you can use this link.   The “tools” tab at the top of page brings you to some great resources and ideas on how you can make healthy food choices and be physically active.  Remember, you don’t have to do anything fancy to play with your kids. Make up your own rules, use whatever you have around the house, let them use their imagination and just follow their lead; you’ll be amazed at where it will take you. 

If you have any questions about our PE program, or what Fuel Up to Play 60 is about, don’t hesitate to contact one of our PE teachers.  We are more than happy to talk with you.


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