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LCWM Student Competes in Grandma's Marathon

Local teen, Aidan Gravelle, was the youngest wheelchair participant in Grandma's Marathon on June 22 along the shores of Lake Superior and completed the longest race he's raced, so far, all while racing for a cause.  

About two years ago, Gravelle was awarded a grant from the United Healthcare Children's Foundation to help purchase an adaptive racing wheelchair and other equipment which sparked his interest in competing.  With this equipment, he's been able to compete in multiple MSHSL events, half marathons, and now his first full marathon with hopes of someday racing professionally.   

Gravelle raced on the United Healthcare Children's Foundation team this past weekend with a goal to raise $500 to help others get adaptive equipment and set his goal to finish the race in two hours.  Not only did he surpass his time goal with a completion time of 1:50:02, he has raised close to $1,900 to help the cause so others are able to have similar opportunities. 

Racing alongside, and having the chance to meet, some of the most elite wheelchair athletes from around the world was one of his highlights for the weekend.  Some of those athletes include US Paralympians, Susannah Scaroni and Tatyana McFadden (pictured). 

His finishing time in the Grandma's Marathon qualifies him to race in the Boston Marathon, but he'll have to wait a few years since he doesn't meet the minimum age requirement.  

Videos of Gravelle's race start and finish can be viewed on the LCWM School's Facebook page and you can donate the the United Healthcare Children's Foundation at the following link.