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LCWM Math Masters Take Fifth

The 5th graders participated in the Math Masters meet at Bethany Lutheran College on May 3rd, along with 42 other teams from the surrounding area. Students participate in one fact drill round, three individual rounds, and three team rounds. The Knights found success in all three areas. LCWM Gray (Wesley, Lauryn, Jaci, Aidan, Gavin) took 10th place and LCWM Blue (Grace, Charlie, Nettie, Tyler, Drew) took 5th place. There were 217 participants in the fact round and the individual rounds. Tyler took 8th place and Charlie took 19th place in the fact drills. We also had four students place in the top 25 in the individual rounds; Tyler (22nd), Wesley (21st), Grace (19th), and Charlie (10th). 
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