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LCWM Academic Decathlon Team Maintains Top Spot

The LCWM Academic Decathlon team placed first overall at the second invitational meet held November 17 at LCWM Secondary School.  Team scores were LCWM – 10,412 points, Avalon –10,288 points, St. Peter #1 – 9952 points, Nevis #1 – 8527 points, Nevis #2 – 4012 points, Alternates – 3463 points, St. Peter #2 – 3305 points, and Worthington – 2540 points.

Members of the LCWM team are:

Honors: Samuel Germscheid, Sophie Begnaud, and Kaitlyn Kirchner;

Scholastic: Jack Richards, Landon Lantz, and Gunner McLeod;

Varsity: Carter Swanson, Grace Truebenbach, and Curtis Rathai.

Team coach is Billy James.

Team members earned 16 medals at the competition.  Earning medals were:

* Sophie Begnaud (honors): third in social science.

* Gunner McLeod (scholastic): second in economics, first in math, second in science, first in social science, and first overall.

* Jack Richards (scholastic): third in math.

* Landon Lantz (scholastic): third in economics.

* Carter Swanson (varsity): second in economics, second in math, third in science, and second overall.

* Grace Truebenbach (varsity): first in math, third in social science, and third overall.

* Curtis Rathai (varsity): second in social science.

The team’s highest scoring students in each division were: Samuel Germscheid (honors), Gunner McLeod (scholastic), and Carter Swanson (varsity).

Several invitational meets will take place this year and will be completed online at each respective school. The third online invitational will take place December 8, 2018. The theme for the 2018-2019 competition season is the “1960s”.


Academic Decathlon Team Members


Back Row: Billy James (Coach); Third Row: Sophie Begnaud, Samuel Germscheid, Kaitlyn Kirchner; Second Row: Landon Lantz, Jack Richards, Gunner McLeod; Front Row: Curtis Rathai, Carter Swanson, Grace Truebenbach.