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    A Student Immunization Form is available below under the linked forms tab.
    The PDF Link below is for the Immunization Requirements "When to get Shots?" that outlines when children should have their immunizations for students entering school.  All students must have Immunizations before Kindergarten and 7th grade or they are not allowed to be in school.   If you are a parent who does not want your child to receive immunizations then you must have a signed Conscientious Objector form (on the Student Immunization form) that must be notarized and returned to the LCWM School Health Office before the start of school.  Students who are Medical Exempt must also have a signed form from their DR. and parent stating they are exempt from the immunizations for medical reasons.
    -New students are allowed a 30 day grace period to show proof of immunizations or objections.  
    -Home schooled children have until October 1st to show proof of immunizations or objections and this must be submitted to the District Office. 
    **Parents if you are having trouble getting copies of your child's immunizations-please see the Nurse. 
       Entering Kindergarten:
             -Full Hep B series (3)
    -5th Dose DTaP
    -4th Dose Polio
      -2nd Dose MMR
          -2nd Dose Varicella
    Entering 7th Grade:
                        -(all above vaccines, plus)
    -Tdap Booster
                                                         -First Dose Meningococcal  - 2nd dose at age 16
    -HPV series
                  -Annual Flu Vaccine
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  • Vaccine Information Websites

    Understanding Vaccines from Public Health
    This websites was designed to give accurate information about vaccines.  It contains some great information on the history of vaccines and how they work now.  If you have any questions about Immunizations this website should provide the answers. 
    Here is a link to the CDC with all of the information sheets on all vaccines given.
    This link is to the CDC Vaccine Homepage that will help direct you to learn about any vaccines and accurate immunization schedules for children and adults.

    This is a link to the Minnesota Department of Health Immunization page.  There is a lot of useful information and the schedules of required shots for our state specifically are on this site. 
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