Why move towards a trimester schedule in the secondary building?

This is a 30 minute video that explains the current status and why a move to trimesters is an option. Click HERE.

Here is an example of one of the best public high schools in Minnesota who use a trimester schedule like the one we are considering Click HERE.

Please click on this link to view what a college bound student's schedule might look like over the four years at LCWM.

Please click on this link to view what a Non-college bound or Vocational student's schedule might look like over the four years at LCWM. Our goal is for students to be able to be college bound and vocationally endorsed.

Where is what the a time schedule would look like. Click Here.


  • Maximize student opportunities for more classes (3 Terms instead of 2 and 15 choices instead of 14 per year).

  • Create the ability for students to be remediated and accelerated in coursework.

  • Create longer periods of time in classes to use creative teaching styles.

  • Avoid overloading teachers with students or more preparations.

  • We will not need study halls with only 5 classes per day (normally 3 core classes and 2 electives). However we do have a daily bonus period of 15 minutes at the end of the day for students to be able to connect with the teacher or do study work.

  • Students will have access to all the courses they had before and more.

  • This schedule will not require more funding or staff.

  • Students day will be 5 seventy minute classes and a 15 minute bonus period at the end of the day. Most traditional year long courses will be 2 of the 3 trimesters long with the exception of some college courses, band, and choir.

  • Most importantly, our focus is to raise expectations and increase academic achievement.

Grades 6-8 will be in trimesters but with some key differences:

  • The day will start with a 15 minute homeroom by grade level.

  • The first and second period will be 45 minutes long for all the exploratory classes.

  • Periods 3-6 will be 65 minutes long for the core instruction of Math, English, Science and Social Studies.

  • This will create a real middle school instead of a junior high.