• MDH Outbreak Overview 



    Confirmed cases as of May 18, 2017: 64
    (Updated Monday-Friday at 1 p.m.)

      • 64 total cases:
        • 54 in Hennepin County
        • 4 in Ramsey County
        • 4 in Crow Wing County
        • 2 in Le Sueur County

      • Vaccination status:
        • 61 confirmed to be unvaccinated
        • 1 had 1 dose of MMR
        • 2 had 2 doses of MMR

      • Age:
        • 61 in children (ages 0-17 years)
        • 3 cases in adults

    • 55 of the cases are Somali Minnesotan


    Ryan swafford, ms, mph

    South Central District Epidemiologist
    Minnesota Department of Health
    Epidemiology Field Services

    12 Civic Center Plaza, Suite 2105
    Mankato, MN 56001


    p 507-344-2717 | c 507-358-1563

    For Parents and Caregivers
    If you think you or your child has been exposed to measles
    • Watch for symptoms of measles. Measles symptoms begin with a fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. Then a rash develops that usually spreads from the head to the rest of the body.

    If you or your child has symptoms of measles

    • Call your doctor or clinic right away if you see symptoms of measles. Your doctor or clinic will let you know if you need to come in for a visit.

    People at high risk of getting measles

    • Measles spreads easily among people who are not vaccinated.
    • Areas with low immunization rates are a concern not only for those who are unvaccinated by choice, but also for those who cannot be vaccinated due to health status or age.