• Reading Renaissance


    Reading Renaissance is an extension of the Accelerated Reader Program that we have had for many years at our school. Teachers help students select books at the level determined by the Star Reading Testing of each Gr. 2-6 student. (Note: Kindergarten and 1st grade students are also tested and started in the program if they are reading independently.) The teachers allow thirty minutes of class time each day where students read their self-selected book. The teachers walk around the room and meet with each student every day, if possible, to check for comprehension, to offer encouragement, and to check the progress of each student. After completing a book the students take a computerized quiz on the book. A printout shows the results for each test taken. This printout is shared with the teacher and the families.




    Guided Reading


    Many of our teachers are supplementing the basal reading series with Guided Reading time. Students are placed in groups according to their current reading level. The students read, practice reading skills, and discuss the books with the teacher in a small group setting. This small group interaction allows the teacher to better meet the individual educational needs of each learner.




    Elementary School Morning Meetings

    Our elementary classrooms are continuing to integrate the Morning Meeting into their daily routines.
    Morning Meeting has the following aims:
    a) to create community providing a sense of belonging, significance and fun/investment,
    b) to foster responsive interactions sharing, listening, inclusion and participation,
    c) to teach the skills needed to be a responsive member of a classroom and school.

    The children begin the day in the Morning Meeting whole group circle. The time provides both individual and group participation, teaching children that they have important things to contribute to their group. The Morning Meeting time helps to teach children to care about themselves and each other, establish rituals and routines, have a varied content and fun, and to create an attentive, alert, responsive and friendly tone for the day. The Morning Meeting also teaches important skills for academic success such as listening, speaking, synthesizing information, problem solving, following directions, and decision making. If you are visiting the elementary school between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m., feel free to stop in any classroom and become part of this special time.