The 6th grade choir is a required class for students not participating in the band program. The class performs for two concerts each year, Dec.10, 2019 and May 20,2020 at 6:30p.m. in the Secondary Cafetorium. The students are encouraged to attend the concerts. Attire is important and they should wear dress clothes. The girls should wear dresses/skirts or leggings and boys should wear dress pants or jeans and nice shirts with no logos on the front or back. The concert is on the stage and on risers, so girls should be aware of the length of their dresses or skirts. 


    The 6th grade general music class alternates with the choir class. During this time the students will learn about the basics of music, composers, and use of technology in the music classroom.Students will be expected to take and keep notes of the topics taught during the class period. There will be tests and assignments they will be graded on. This year on Fridays,we will be learning how to play ukuleles.



    In choir, students are expected to participate and earn points each day they are singing. If they do not participate, this does affect their grade. General music assignments are also expected to be completed before the end of the class period and turned in if necessary. They are also graded on their classroom behavior (eg: yelling, talking back, running around the classroom, refusing to use the work time etc.).