• Benefits of Healthy Fundraising:

    •        Healthy kids learn better:

    Research demonstrates that good nutrition is linked to better behavior and academic performance. To provide the best possible learning environment for students, schools must also provide an environment that supports healthy behaviors.

    •        Provides consistent messages:

    Fundraising with nonfood items and healthy foods demonstrates a school commitment to promoting healthy behaviors. It supports the classroom lessons students are learning about health, instead of contradicting them.

    •        Promotes a healthy school or child care environment:

    Student need to receive consistent, reliable health information and opportunities to use it. Healthy fundraising alternatives can be an important part of providing an overall healthy school environment.


    Steps to Successful Fundraising:

    1.      Update your wellness policy so that fundraisers must be activity-based, sell non-food items or only       sell foods that meet the USDA’s Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards
    2.      Talk with your PTO, principal, coaches, school and boost clubs, parents and food service staff about       the importance of offering healthy fundraising options and provide them with examples
    3.      Enlist student to research and develop healthy, profitable fundraising ideas and include them in the       planning process
    4.      Develop a budget and plan for the school year that includes:
    •         Identifying fundraising needs and what the funds will support
    •         Outlining potential fundraising activities
    •         Estimated revenue from each activity
    •         Estimated expenses resulting from activity
    •         A calendar of when the activities will occur
    •         Estimated involvement from youth and/or parents

    Creative Ideas for Fundraising:

    Support Physical Activity

    •         Walk-, run-, bike-, dance-, skate-a-thon or a 5K color run
    •         Zumba, dance or yoga night
    •         Jump rope or hula hoop competition
    •         Team sports tournament for youth and their families (golf, tennis, horseshoe, etc.)
    •         Bowling night
    •         Skate night
    •         Sports camps or clinics
    •         Talent show

    Support Academics

    •         Read-a-thon
    •         Science fair
    •         Spelling bee for kids and adults
    •         Book fair

    Non-food Items to Sell

    •         School branded promotional items – Frisbees, sports equipment, clothing, decals, bumper                    stickers, cups, stadium pillows/blankets
    •         Coupon books
    •         Calendars
    •         Magazine subscriptions
    •         First aid and car safety kits
    •         Holiday wreaths, candles, greeting cards, and wrapping paper
    •         School supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens and crayons)
    •         Arts and crafts made by students and/or school staff
    •         Flower plants and bulbs
    •         Vegetable seeds and plants

    Healthy Foods

    •         Fresh fruit – bulk peaches, apples, pears, etc.
    •         Frozen fruit
    •         Fruit and nut baskets

    More Activities

    •         Garage sale                                                             
    •         Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt
    •         Live or silent auction                                              
    •         Gift wrapping
    •         Car wash                                                               
    •         Raffle (theme bags, teachers do a silly activity
    •         Pet wash                                                                
    •         Game night                                                             
    •         Haunted house                                        
    •         Recycling drive                                                       
    •         Bingo night                                  
    •         Magic show                                                             
    •         Craft show
    •         Coin drive between classrooms                            
    •         “Taste of Your Town” event with local chefs

    How do the Smart Snacks Standards affect school fundraisers? 

    1) Sale of foods and beverages that meet the Smart Snacks Standards and sales of nonfood items (e.g., wrapping paper and apparel) are not limited under the Federal policy. 

    2) Fundraising activities that occur during nonschool hours, on weekends, or at off-campus events are not limited under the Federal policy.

    3) Fundraisers selling foods that are intended to be consumed outside the school day are not limited under the Federal policy.

    4) Some States allow a certain number of in-school fundraisers to be exempt from the Smart Snacks Standards. Contact your State agency for more information.

    For additional ideas on healthy fundraisers, click here.