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Soccer 1 Practice Schedule 2017 (updated 3/27/17 at 12 pm)
Soccer 2 Practice Schedule 2017 (updated 4/4/17 at 10:40 am)
Through a series of practices and games against other boys and girls in your age-group, you will get a chance to learn the basics of the world’s most popular game. 

Soccer 1: Current kindergarten & Grade 1

 Soccer 2: Grade 2 & Grade 3

Practices: begin the week of April 3

 Game Dates: April 20, April 25, April 27, May 4, May 9 and May 11 (make-up day - May 13)

 Game Times: 6 p.m. or 7 p.m.

Fee: $30

*Must be registered by February 28 to receive a team shirt

Volunteer coaches are needed. Please contact the Community Education office at 726-2673. 

Inclement weather policy:

·        Practices – if there is inclement weather on a practice day, your coach will notify you.

·         Games – if the weather is inclement on a game day, notice will be given approximately 1 hour before the scheduled game time.

     Weather announcements:
  1. On the school website  Click on Community Education, then Announcements
  2. Text message or email - Join Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Community Education text alerts on:

            Search:  Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial

            Click on: Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial 

       Community Education

            Enter in Phone or Email info to receive alerts


·         All coaches are volunteers.

·         Please follow the “chain of command” when you have a conflict/issue with the program or coach.

·         All coaches are required to pass a background check and complete training on concussions.

·         Coaches will receive a free team shirt. Limit of 2 coaches per team.

·         There will be a coaches meeting on Tuesday, March 21 at 6 pm at the Secondary School.

·         If you are interested in coaching, please sign-up on the back table (according to soccer groups).


·         Please read through the concussion information.

·         If your child gets injured during practice/game and a concussion is suspected by the coach, your child will be immediately removed from practice/game. You will be notified and informed about the situation.

·         A player is not allowed to return to practice/game until clearance has been given by a health professional. This must be in writing and given to the coach before returning to play.


·         Our goal with youth sports through community education is to promote the fundamentals of the sport, allow for equal playing time for all players and to display good sportsmanship behavior.

·         Please help us to promote our goal by using encouraging words during practices and games, by supporting the volunteer coaches in their efforts and by helping teach the fundamentals to your child at home.

·         Refer to the Noble Knight Youth Sports Matrix.


 Soccer Club information

Boys & Girls in grades 4-6

Contact: Sandy Chatleain at or 726-2805