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(Entering grades 2-6)

In this class you will learn how a rocket flies and then build your own model rocket.  We will also be using the movie October Sky in our teaching for the week.  The rocket you build will be reusable and is yours to keep.  On Friday morning, we will fly our rockets at LCWM Secondary School.  Rain or excessive wind will hamper our ability to launch the rockets.

Additional Supplies:

Students will be required to  purchase their own model rocket.  Cost of rockets and materials can range from $12-$30, depending on size and style. 

Specific instructions on rocket choices, where to purchase rockets locally, and Friday launch details will be shared during the first class. 

Location: LCWM Secondary School Rm. 114

Dates:  June 19-23

Time: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Fee: $30 (does not include a rocket)

Registration Deadline:  Friday, June 9