• Bridges in Mathematics

    This new to our district curriculum, offers some GREAT and FREE math apps for use on all types of devices. Those apps can be found by clicking here. The students in my class have had practice using all of the apps and should be proficient in pattern blocks and the geoboard. It is 100% okay to not understand the math terminology that we use in our lessons-the math vocabulary cards are a useful source for learning more about the terms your child/ren may be using. 



    2nd Grade MN Math Standards


    LCWM 2nd Grade Math Essential Learner Outcomes-What our 2nd graders should be able to do independently by the end of the school year:

    • I can read, write, and represent whole numbers up to 1000.
    • I can find 10 more or 10 less than any given three-digit number.
    • I can use strategies to generate addition and subtraction facts.
    • I can use number sentences to solve addition and subtraction problems.
    • I can use mental math to solve two-digit addition and subtraction problems.
    • I can solve two-digit addition and subtraction story problems.
    • I can read tables, bar graphs, and tally charts.
    • I can complete number patterns.
    • I can find the missing number in the number sentence.
    • I can identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Can find the value of a group of coins and determine combinations of coins that equal a given amount.