This is a year long singing course for students in grades 7 and 8. Seventh grade are required to take choir, band or they  may choose to take both band and choir with teachers permission. Eighth graders have a choice of choir, band, both or a study hall.


    The class time is spent singing a variety of music from the old classics to the newer songs heard on the radio. My goal is for them to appreciate and enjoy singing and enjoy being part of a music performing group.


    Grading in choir is based on being at rehearsals and participation. The students receive 3 points each day they are in rehearsal. If they are absent, there are forms to fill out (gold sheets),one side per absence, to get those 3 points back. Each person is also graded daily on their participation during class. They start with 3 points and lose points if their participation decreases. There is no way to make up these participation points. The concerts are worth 25 points during 2nd quarter and 4th quarter.


    The choir performs for two concerts this year, December 16,2019 and May 18,2020. Both concerts are with the high school Concert Choir.  


    Concert attire for guys is dress pants and dress shirt. No jeans or tennis shoes if possible. Girls can wear dresses or skirts, unless performing in a small group that has another outfit. NO flip flops, sweatshirts or t-shirts with logos.