• 7th Grade:

    Reading will be done on an independent and class level in order to accomodate for different types of readers and a variety of genres. Independent reading days will be on Mondays in which students will be able to choose their own books to read. Students will also review parts of speech and go through the process of writing different types of sentences, working their way up to writing paragraphs and simple papers. Presentation skills will be focused on along with getting familiar with using databases for research and being able to differentiate a credible source from a non-credible source. By the end of the year, students should see an increase in reading and writing ability, ability to find and use sources, and give a presentations to their peers. 


    8th Grade:

    On a similar note, 8th graders will also have independent reading days on Mondays and will be reading several novels with the class throughout the year. We will recap much of what was learned in 7th grade to make sure students have not lost any information, and build on their skills from there. Students will be finding and using more sources for presentations and papers, and also taking the time to make a formally written 5 paragraph paper. There will also be several opportunities for students to do research and give presentations to their peers that are longer and more complex than what they completed in 7th grade. By the end of the year, students should have a sound knowledge of databases and where to find credible information online, be able to write a 5 paragraph informational/explanatory paper, and be comfortable presenting their research and information to their peers.