The LCWM Concert Choir is an auditioned, performing group for grades 9-12.  The group performs a variety of music from classical to contemporary. A variety of songs are sung in a foreign language which include Spanish, German, Latin and Italian.


    The Concert Choir will perform three concerts this year. The concert dates are as follows:


    December 16, 2019    (7-12 Vocal Concert)

     March 9, 2020           Solo/Ensemble contest at MSU

     March 12, 2020        (9-12 with the Concert Band)

    May 18, 2020             (7-12 Vocal Concert)



    Concert attire for the December and March concerts are the blue choir robes. Girls should not wear dresses that are ankle length. Guys must wear dress pants and dress shoes.  The May concert is our spring formal, with girls wearing prom or fancier dresses. The gentlemen wear shirts and ties. Any of the male performing groups at each concert must wear dress pants, shirt/tie or sweater. Girls do not wear dress pants for any of the concerts, but must wear dresses or skirts. Please be conscious of the shoes you are wearing. I DO NOT approve of flip flops or 4" inch heels for a concert.



    Each member of the Concert Choir is required to take one voice lesson a week, which is worth 5 points. A missed lesson must be made up before the end of the quarter. Daily rehearsals are worth 3 points. Missing a choir rehearsal, not voice lessons, can be made up by doing one gold sheet and turning it in for the points. Participation points are earned daily. A total of 3 points may be earned each day. If there is lack of participation or discipline problems, total points may not be given. Participation points may not be made up.



    We are proud to have many performing groups made up of members of the Concert Choir.  Each of these groups performs for the concerts and a solo/ensemble contest held in March.  The groups meet weekly, but are not graded on their participation. A couple of these groups are The Guys,and the Chamber Choir. Community performances often involve members of these performing groups.