• Asthma

       At the school our mission for children with Asthma is to ultimately make sure every child with Asthma has a plan in place to help treat Asthma related issues.  This may involve resting after recess or Phy Ed, using a rescue inhaler as ordered in school, self carrying a rescue inhaler with instructions and Dr. orders and helping to keep students up to date with accurate information.
     The students known to have Asthma will be receiving an Individual Health Plan/Emergency Plan to help map out expectations of nursing, the student and other staff involved in the students care throughout the school day.  These will be sent out this year and will be expected back within a week or two. 
       Students using an inhaler must have a signed order from the DR. to either have their inhaler in the Health Office or Self-Carry.  This goes for students of all ages.  If you have any questions regarding this please see the Nurse. 
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