• Classroom Rules:

      Respect Yourself
      Respect Your Peers
      Respect Your Teachers
      Respect Your Environment


      • When the bell rings you need to be in your assigned seat, or you will be counted tardy. Likewise, I dismiss you not the bell.

      • If you have something to share, raise your hand. This also applies if you need individual assistance. I also may call on you.

      • If an announcement is made over the intercom, immediately be quiet so we may hear what it is. Maybe it’s good news like a snow day!

      • Please get a drink or use the bathroom before school, during passing time, etc. However, I understand emergencies do happen. Only ask if it is an emergency. Do ask at an appropriate time.

      • Please do not get up and wander around the room to sharpen a pencil, ask to use the bathroom, etc while myself or any students are giving a presentation. Do this at the beginning of class or when we are doing quiet seat work.

      • When we do group work moving around the room should be done quickly and quietly. Once I am at the front of the room with my hand raised, I need your attention.

      • Phones are not allowed to be seen or heard. Put them away and on silent or I will take them to the office.

      • I dismiss you not the bell. Do not crowd around the room before class ends. Chances are we will be working until the end of the class.

      • If you were absent, it is your responsibility to check with a friend or myself before/after school to determine what you missed.

      • Come prepared. If you forgot something ask to borrow from a friend. Constant lack of materials will result in a referral.

      • Ipads /chromebooks are to be put away under one's desk when not in use and utilized for school purposes only.

      School Policy:

      All school policies established in the student manual are expected to be followed.  



      You should come to class with basic school materials including a notebook, folder, pen, and pencil. I will be supplying the textbook. You are responsible for the safekeeping of this book.


      A = 100 - 93

      A- = 92 – 90


      B+ = 89 – 87

      B = 86 – 83

      B- = 82 – 80

      C+ = 79 – 77

      C = 76 – 73

      C- = 72 – 70

      D+ = 69 – 67

      D = 66 – 63

      D- = 62 – 60

      F = 60>



      You have the number of days you were absent to complete your makeup work. If you know ahead of time that you will be absent and wish to obtain your materials before leaving, please give me plenty of notice to organize your needed materials. All absent work will be placed in your class’s respective folder. Please establish connections with other students in the class so you are able to go to them about what you missed. If you need further explanations, please approach me before or after class (not while I am in the middle of teaching a lesson). It is the student’s responsibility to obtain absent work and arrange a time to make up tests or quizzes. Tests are always announced multiple days in advance, so missing the day before the test isn’t an excuse to not take the test when you return.

      Late Work:

      Any work that is not handed in when it is collected is considered late and will not receive full points. Work turned in up to a day late will be docked 25% of earned points. Work two days and more late will be docked 50% of points. No work will be accepted after the following chapter test that the work relates to. After this point it becomes a zero. I do reserve the right to grant individual exceptions to these rules.

      Extra Credit:

      Extra credit may be given sparingly throughout the semester. No individual extra credit will be given. Any extra credit opportunities will be offered to the entire class.

      Plagiarism and Cheating:

      Plagiarism (stealing another’s work and passing it as your own) and cheating (getting rewarded for ability through dishonest means) is not allowed and will be dealt with according to LCWM’s policies and may result in a zero.