• Regulations regarding medications or procedures provided at school
      If your child will need to take prescription medication during school hours or have a procedure performed by the nurse or trained staff this year, we must have a completed form called Consent Form for Administration of Medication/Procedure during the School Day.
      Parent authorization and doctor’s orders need to be renewed annually, or if there are changes or medication is discontinued
      This form is available in the health office or on the Health Services Website under Medication Forms and Guidelines. This completed form is required for prescription medications, self-carry medications, procedures and over the counter medications.    
      Any student needing to self-carry their medication such as Epi-Pen or Inhaler must have a signed medication order by a parent, doctor and student.  This is also at the discretion of the school nurse. The student must prove they are capable of having this responsibility before they can self-carry, this is for the safety of that student and other students, then the student will also sign the order form that they have discussed this with the school nurse and are responsible enough to do this.

      **Secondary students (9-12) - may self-carry OTC pain medications (tylenol or ibuprofin) under the discretion of the LSN.  The form must be turned into the Health Office, otherwise student must keep the medications in the Health Office.

      The medication needs to be provided in an original, currently dated, labeled container that matches the physician’s orders. An adult must bring any medications to the school office where it will be stored in a locked cabinet. Records will be kept on the medications taken by your child.

      All medications that are not picked up by June 5th, 2017 by 3:00 pm will be disposed of  by the School Nurse.



      Thank you for helping us keep your children safe in school

      Jessica Thormodsgard
      LCWM School Nurse

      Below is a link to the District 2071 Policy for Medication Administration in school.