Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Mrs. Owens’ Kindergarten Class
    Every child in our class is special and unique! Our class will be featuring one child each week as our “Star Student”. Each family may help their Kindergarten child make their “Marvelous Me” poster. During your child’s special week your child will be the line leader, calendar helper, and classroom helper. You may want to pick a day to join your child for lunch.
    The Kindergarten reading and language experiences are developed around theme units and literacy centers. Within these units the children are exposed to a rich environment of literature. Each week your child will bring home a letter that tells about the books, skills, and activities our class is learning about. Working together, you and your child can become partners in learning.
    We use math activity centers to explore mathematical concepts. The children gain math experiences by exploring and explaining their way of thinking. Your child will bring activity sheets home from their daily work. Your interest and encouragement are sure to lead to your child’s success.
    Our class will go to specialists for music, STEM, art, and physical education. We will also check out library books each week. Children enjoy a special reading time each day with their parents. Please check the calendar for our library day and other important dates.
    Mondays will be our “Sharing Day”. Children may bring one item that fits in their backpack. If they forget, they can also tell us something that they have done recently.
              Our Kindergarten Learning Expectations are an overview of the Kindergarten Program. We would like the children to feel comfortable with these skills by the end of the Kindergarten year. This will prepare them for first grade. The Kindergarten Learning Expectations are on our website at www.isd2071.k12.mn.us. To access the school sites go to Select a School in the top left corner. Go to Elementary Site and select Teacher Directory. This will give you teacher contact information and syllabus.
              The children will make many new friends at school and learn many new skills this year. It’s going to be a fantastic year!
                                                                       Mrs. Owens