• German III/IV


    This course focuses on comprehension and speaking.


    Vocabulary tests:  These are around 14-20 points per test. You will get one every week while on a vocabulary unit.You take much more responsibility in learning your own lists.


    Oral evaluations:  These are 15-20 points and you can work with a partner sometimes.These are also usually a show and tell type of talk on a topic assigned. Evaluations are once a week.


    Unit Grammar Test:  Once every grammar unit is finished, you will get a test. Around 20-30 points Materials:


    Grammar Textbook:  “German In Review”  This will be used through Our L.M.S. (Learning Management System) called Schoology.


     Final Test: There will be a Final Test at the end of each semester.  This will be 10% of the Semester grade.


      Materials:  Chromebook for Notes, German Folder in Google Drive



       A  100-92  A-  90-91.99
     B+  89.99-88  B  87.99-82  B-  81.99-80
     C+  79.99-78  C  77.99-72  C-  71.99-70
     D+  69.99-68  D  67.99-62  D-  61.99-60
     F    <60