• German II


    (Online version of Deutsch Aktuell)


    Vocabulary tests:  These are around 14-18 points per test. You will get one every week while on a Vocabulary unit.  


    Speaking evaluations:  These are 15 points and you can work with a partner sometimes.  These are also usually a show and tell type of talk. These are very easy points to get when you do what is asked of you.


    Unit Grammar Test:  Once every grammar unit is finished, you will get a test. Around 20-30 points.  The test will be online through Schoology.  



    Quotes test:  This is an open notebook/iPad notes test at the end of each quarter based on quotes given every day in class.  This is worth 50 points.


    There will be various activities in this class related to the above and all students are expected to participate and or turn in when they are due. Ex: Computer activities, Readings, writing assignments, grammar assignments, role plays, etc.


    Grading:  Based on total points


                                          100-92     A           90- 91.99 A-

            89.99-88  B+         87.99-82  B           81.99-80  B-

            79.99-78  C+         77.99-72  C           71.99-70  C-

            69.99-68  B+          67.99-62 D           61.99-60  D-

            >60          F


    Final Test: There will be a Final Test at the end of each semester.  This will be 10% of the Semester grade.




    Online Text Book 


    Notebook/Google Drive for quotes

    Notebook/Google Drive for Notes