• German 1  


    I am using a completely online version of Deutsch Aktuell.


    Vocabulary tests:  These are  13-17 points per test. You will get one every week while on a unit.  


    Speaking evaluations:  These are 15 points and you can work with a partner.  These are very easy points to get when you do what is asked of you.


    Unit Test:  Once every unit is finished, you will receive a Test that will incorporate listening skills, writing skills, and comprehension skills. They will be anywhere from 20-40 points.



    Quotes test:  This is an open notebook test at the end of each quarter based on quotes given every day in class.  This is worth 50 points.


    Workbook assignments:  These are worth 18-24 points and they are due when we take our written test.  The workbook is available through Schoology.


    Grading:  Based on total points


                                          100-92     A           90- 91.99 A-

            89.99-88  B+         87.99-82  B           81.99-80  B-

            79.99-78  C+         77.99-72  C           71.99-70  C-

            69.99-68  B+          67.99-62 D           61.99-60  D-

            >60          F

    Final Test: There will be a Final Test at the end of each semester.  This will be 10% of the Semester grade.




    Online book and workbook

    Notebook for quotes or use Ipad.

    Notebook for Notes or use Ipad