Art Standards

  • What do the visual arts standards mean for elementary students?*

    VISUAL ARTS - Creating

    Using a variety of tools and materials.

    Learning about the elements and principles of art.

    ELEMENTS OF ART: Color, line, shape, form, space, texture, and value.

    PRINCIPLES OF ART: Emphasis, movement, balance,  proportion, rhythm, unity, and variety.


    VISUAL ARTS – Responding

    Talking about our artwork.

    Reponding to and discussing personal and other artists' art.


    VISUAL ARTS - Connecting

    Learning about artists and art movements.

    Relating to the art of today and other times and cultures, how does it conect to our own personal art? 


    VISUAL ARTS - Presenting

    Learning to share our art with others.

    Choosing and showing our art, what makes it great? what do we still want to learn?


    *There are many good sites online to explore the arts standards in more detail.