The Knight Squad
  • Our Knight Squad initiative began as an effort to teach students and teachers about technology.


    For more and updated information, please view our website. It has our weekly student directed and published Knightline News video, teacher requests access, and a tech tip blog.

    The Knight Squad Website


    Four years ago 25+ fourth and fifth grade student volunteers gave up several recess times and other free time to work on technology. They also went out into classrooms to teach things like Seesaw, Epic and more. They designed a logo which was incorporated into t-shirts, began a web page and made videos on how to use various apps.

    We have continued the same program and added it as a class for fifth grade students. Within this class we learned a ton of technology related apps that taught students how to use tech as a tool and not just for fun. Fourth and fifth grade students took turns broadcasting a weekly edition of the Knightline News as well.

    Assuming we are allowed to do so, we are working on including all of the above and more for current school year! We will have a green-screen studio, and be going out into the classrooms even more as a part of our elementary professional development. It is also our hope to expand on our website and do some blogging.

    Please see Mrs. Caldwell, Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Lieske if you'd like to be a Knight Squad volunteer!


    This link will give you access to some great video to aid you in many of the programs (and more) that we will use in 5th grade.