Devices and Apps

  • Frequently Asked Questions surrounding technology in 5th grade:


    Can my child bring their own device to school?

    Absolutely! If you're child has an iPad or Chromebook it should work seamlessly with the technology in place in our classroom! Some of the apps that we use are listed below. That being said, we should have enough Chromebooks to allow for a 1-1 environment this year. So don't feel you need to allow them to bring their own devices.

    IF YOU DECIDE TO allow them to bring their own device, we do ask that you take note of the responsibilty level of your child and talk with them about what happens if it gets broken. Devices have become such a norm with students that they sometimes don't realize how lucky they are to have them. The school is not responsible for accidents no matter how they occur.


    I haven't purchased a device for my child yet, but I'm thinking about it, what should I get?

    In our classroom and schoolwide we are currently using iPads and Chromebooks. We are leading more toward Chromebooks. As students get older you will also see a mixture of devices (as you will see in the real world as well). Technology changes so fast. If it were me, I'd go the cheapest route (Chromebooks) for a fifth grade student. Either way, it is a great investment in your responsible child's education. Note that you do not need a chromebook and a computer. What you can do on a computer is sufficient.

     You only talk about iPads and Chromebooks, what about other formats?

    If you have another brand of a device your child is welcome to bring it to school and we can try it. As we use many different apps and websites throughout the year, we are more familier with how they will respond on an iPad or Chromebook. You can imagine what it would be like in a classroom of 25 students to have each student having a problem with their device as we manuever through our day. We will try to make it work, but it is not guaranteed.

    So many passwords, how do we keep them all straight?

    For the most part, your child will use their Google Id's and passwords for all apps that allow that password format. It's surprising, but students learn very quickly as to what their logins and password are. We also have a list for each student that has every password they should need. We do add things here and there throughout the year, but for the most part, we use their Google accounts for as much as will allow.