• Welcome to Social Studies in fifth grade! 

    Minnesota Social Studies Standards

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    Social Studies in this class includes the study of the American people. We will be studying the migration of people to the US, early life in the United States including how our government works, Colonial Life, the American Revolution, and much more.

    We are trying a brand new curriculum this year (paid for by donations via my personal Facebook page). We are trying it in hopes of purchasing it yearly once the curriculum cycle involves Social Studies again.


    In the past, each student has been responsible for a project that involves the study of a person from history. They will be doing research on this person and designing a bottle that looks like the person (or dressing themselves as this person) and doing a live presentation. They will also create a video presentation on this person that will be displayed in our school. This project may not happen this year depending on what happens with Covid.





    This project on hold for 2018-2019 year.
    SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT: The parent letter which will be handed out at conferences is available for download below. This letter explains the entire project including expectations and deadlines. There are also rubrics to aid in understanding of how the project is graded. This is also where to go to view updates and scheduling regarding presentations. Mark this site as this will be a very valuable reference for you once this project gets going.