• In fifth grade we are READING TO LEARN versus learning to read.

    The following website is helpful in determining the AR level of a book, even if it is not in our school library.


    In fifth grade we don't use Accelerated Reader for taking quizzes or setting goals.


    By no means does this mean we don't want your child to read!!!

    By the time students get to 5th grade they have been using AR for six years. It works for some, but for others it does not or is not the valuable tool it once was. In fifth grade we try to instill a love of reading and get to the point where we don't think so much about reading, but just do it to learn and have fun!

    Let's say, fifth graders have choice!

    We encourage reading of things they want to read. There are plenty of examples of students reading higher level books successfully. It is all about engagement and that is what we like to emphasize in fifth grade. To prove this works, fifth grade MCA test scores have shown overall improvement in Reading! In your life, do you read for points? or for more knowledge or entertainment?