• Community Education Advisory Board

    The advisory board is a group of people representing the communities in the school district. The advisory board plays an active role in promoting community education. They gather input, express concerns and give direction regarding Community Education. They also evaluate and direct programming.

    Community Education Advisory Board Members:

    Linda Leiding - Chairperson
    Gail Graupman
    Trina Driscoll
    Kris Anderson
    Melissa Dudgeon
    Peter Backstrom
    Marcie Larson
    Jill Antony
    Larry Schultz
    Trent Hollerich
    Ashley Mosel
    Shauna Brockman
    Jen Ulman

    The Advisory Board meets 4 times a year - once per quarter. Meetings are usually in the evening. If you are interested in becoming an advisory board member, please call Andrea Hanson at the Community Education Office at 507-726-2673 or e-mail ahanson@isd2071.k12.mn.us.Community Education Advisory Board Seeks Members